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Alienated Grandparents Anonymous

166 Success Stories   The tenacity of the grandparent can be an indicator of success.

115 Registered Support Groups

Important:  AGA office will be closed August   Emails will be replied to at the end of August.

Headquarters  Naples, FL  Meetings: Community Foundation of Collier County    

      1110 Pine Ridge Road   Suite # 200           July   26th              3:30 – 5: 30 P.M.

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Newsletter Sections

  • Feelings of Grands
  • When You Think Your Grandchild is in Harms’ Way … Grandma Good Life
  • Conference Call with Amanda
  • 2nd  AGA  International Conference:  Grandparent Alienation
  • Grandparents Visitation Rights     Arizona    Washington State     British Columbia  Canada
  • Grandma Goodlife     Please read in its entirety Legislating for Grandparent Visitation Rights- Florida and National

Feelings of Grands

Grands feel robbed and deprived because they are unable to grow old with the love and fellowship of their grandchildren, the way their parents did.    (From Poppy With Love…Letters from a Grandfather to the Grandchildren He Isn’t Allowed to See, Rev. Dr. John Killinger)

While many grandparents will never experience the heartache that comes from not having contact with their grandchildren, it’s important to keep in mind that it can happen in any family. You are not suffering this emotional devastating trauma alone.  You are one of many millions globally experiencing some level of alienation, estrangement, or isolation.

Abandonment by our adult children is endemic in our society and globally.  It has no socio-economic boundaries.  Alienation can be inter-generational. In Millennium jargon, GHOSTING (completely cutting off someone) is already a common term.  This unjustified abusive behavior of our adult children is creating a lifetime of emotional problems for our grandchildren, and for us … the grandparents and great grandparents.

Find a sense of peace within yourself that you have done your very best as a parent at the time you were raising your child. Stop blaming yourself.  As a loving caring parent reaching out to your adult child, you have the healthy mind, and these gatekeepers have the unhealthy minds at this time.

Every child wants a Grandma and a Grandpa who love them unconditionally. …. even those who were never allowed to meet them.  To break this bond is considered by the international experts in the field of Alienation to be a severe form of child abuse and a severe form of elder abuse.  Abuse is never acceptable; abuse is never OK.  Grands not knowing about the well-being of their grandchildren, or the lives of their grandchildren, is excruciating. GA/Grandparent Alienation affects the mental, emotional, and physical health and well-being of grands. This is abuse.

When grandparents/great grandparents find themselves in a position of being denied what they believed was their God-given right to love, hold, and spend quality time with their grandchildren; it sets their lives into turmoil. GA is a fear-based cultural phenomenon. The alienator holds the power and control using your adult child as the bully to get rid of those in the family not wanted, and your grandchildren as pawns.

AGA’s survey shows that it is not uncommon for grands to wonder how they can make it through yet enough day.  They are hurting non-stop, and they want answers.  They want to know why this is happening to them. They want to know what more they could do to try to fix this.  What is most important to remember is that your grandchildren are waiting to be with you, too!  You must keep yourself well for them… for the time when they can reach out to you.

AGA heard this cry loud and clear, then reached out to the leading PAS/ Parental Alienation Syndrome international experts who could provide assistance.  AGA was the first to connect the dynamics of PAS to GA.  AGA’s professional Board of Directors and Professional Consultants have looked at this from every angle of the varied aspects associated with this complex dynamic. Our professional consultants in the fields of Mental Health, Law, Abuse, Medicine, and the Clergy have joined in our quest to provide advise so that AGA can offer suggestions from them. For the past seven years, AGA Headquarters has communicated with many thousands of grands, and shares this experience with you.  Realizing that knowledge is power, AGA aims to learn and then share. 165 success stories to date have taken place with AGA families.  AGA reconciliations up to 17 years of alienation have taken place.  Knowing what to say and do is so helpful.

Keep a memory box for your grandchildren. This will allow you to give them your  journaled thoughts and gifts (or pictures of cards and gifts your attempted to send to them). This will show them  how hard you tried to reach out to them.

Focus first on your adult child.  It is thru them that you will have contact with your grandchildren.  Periodically reach out to them with messages of love without expectations. At a more vulnerable time in their lives, they will know you are there for them without placing even more guilt on them.  When you stop communicating to them, they think you do not love them anymore. The majority of these adult children do love their parents. They may not realize it right now, or behave in that manner; but, there is a connection of the heart.  In your messages to them, inform them about your activities.  Place yourself in their present mind.

AGA provides assistance in setting up support groups globally. Many documents are provided to the AGA Coordinators regarding the forming, conducting, and sharing of information at the monthly meetings.  Amanda, the Founder/President of AGA, Inc. can periodically schedule a conference call-in to your meeting to explain what is occurring in your individual situation and assist each grand in attendance with suggestions for a strategy and plans to carry this out.

In America grandparents are 70+ million strong.  AGA is the Grandparent Movement Worldwide.

AGA offers letters upon request for your legislators. Without Grandparents Rights laws in place, the judges will not have the tools to help you and your precious grandchildren.


When You Think Your Grandchild is in Harms’ Way   Grandma Good Life

When the adult child’s behavior is alarming, especially given the fact that the child is at a young age making them extremely vulnerable, you have a duty to report suspected abuse, neglect, or abandonment to DCF hotline: 800-962-2873

The Florida Abuse Hotline accepts reports 24 hours a day and 7 days a week of known or suspected child abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Focus on your grandchild and WHY you believe the child is in harm’s way. If you suspect the parent may be involved in drugs, tell DCF.

Please save your personal grief for AGA support group; they will support you.  DCF will protect the child – they are only concerned with the safety of the child.  That’s it; stay focused on getting them to send a child protection investigator to see the child.

Make a list of valid concerns; let them know you’re afraid for the safety of your vulnerable grandchild. Stay on the phone with the person who answers the hotline until they send someone out to see the child; better to be safe than sorry. They get thousands of calls each day – you must convince them that you truly believe your grandchild is in harm’s way.

Once they dispatch an investigator only 3 things can happen:

1) DCF will remove the child if in present danger and Dependency Court will get involved. The child may l be placed with you if you’ve been primary caregiver. DCF needs to know how to reach you.

2) DCF will find enough cause to keep the investigation open to determine if a safety plan can be put in place to protect the child.

3) DCF will find nothing and close the investigation in 30 days.

However the only thing DCF will tell you is YES they will send a child protection investigator; they will not share the results of their investigation with you.

If you believe that your grandchild is in harm’s way don’t go to your grave regretting that you did nothing to protect them – take action now so that you will have peace of mind knowing that you did everything your possible could to protect your grandchild.

Note:   view AGA Board of Directors and Professional Consultants    for individual  professional assistance.


Conference Call-In with Amanda

Call:  719  284 5418       Pin: 930 36 

7:30 P.M.         Florida time

Wednesday     September 5th

Thursday         September 6th


2nd AGA   International Conference      Grandparent Alienation

Friday, March 22, 2019   8:30: A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Location:    Naples Daily News Bldg. Community Room   Naples, Florida

$25 registration fee   Includes continental breakfast and lunch

Reserve your seat and request details    Email:     ASAP

(CEU & CLE   available to Attorneys & Mental Health Providers)

Panel of featured speakers will include: AGA”s Board of Directors &   Professional    Consultants


Leading  International Experts         Grandparent Alienation

Joshua Coleman, PhD   Keynote Speaker

Amy J. Baker, PhD     Leading International Researcher in Alienation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  1. Michael Bone, PhD. Glenn Caddy, Ph.D. Carol Golly, P.L., MSW, LCSW, PTS
    Charles D. Jamieson, Esq.         James, Karl, Esq.               Rev. Dr. John Killinger  

Day 2    Different location   ½ day

Grandparents Visitation Rights    Good news for alienated grandparents!

  1. Arizona Supreme Court Opinion       Justia Opinion Summary    June 8, 2018

When two legal parents disagree about whether visitation is in their child’s best interests, both parents’ opinions are entitled to special weight under Ariz. Rev. Stat. 25-409(E). However, neither parent is entitled to a presumption in his or her favor, and the parents’ conflicting opinions must give way to the court’s finding on whether visitation is in the child’s best interests.

court of appeals affirmed, concluding that Father’s opinion on visitation, not only Mother’s, was entitled to special weight under section 25-409(E). The Supreme Court affirmed, holding (1) when two legal parents’ visitation opinions conflict, neither parent is entitled to a presumption in his or her favor, and neither opinion is entitled to special weight because the court’s determination of whether visitation is in the child’s best interests controls; and (2) the family court did not abuse its discretion in this case.

Left click + control key on the links below


Arizona Supreme Court No. CV-17-0225-PR
Opinion issued on 6/8/2018
Oral Argument held on 4/16/2018
Case Summary
Petition for Review granted on 2/13/2018
Opinion issued from the Court of Appeals, Division One, 2 CA-CV 16-0029


  1. Washington State 

Just want you to know after eleven and a half years here in Washington State, we got our bill At issue in this case was whether the family court abused its discretion in awarding Grandparents visitation after Mother and Father’s divorce. Mother objected to the visitation. The passed in to law by the governor on 22 March and went into effect on June 7th .

Lot of work be we got it done.  Bob, AGA Coordinator


  1. British Columbia      Canada   

 I wanted to let you know that I’ve been awarded contact with my grandchild in British Columbia Canada. 

 It was well worth the money spent for a lawyer.  Truly I could not imagine not having a lawyer. 

 I got everything I asked for. I went overboard with my requests, and got it all.

 I hope No one gives up hope. I didn’t…    AGA Grandparent

*Certain situations give rise to grandparentscustody rights in BC. This means grandparents can obtain custody or access to their grandchildren. … Before the BC Family Law Act came in to existence in 2013, grandparents had little to no rights regarding their grandchildren, except in very limited circumstances.

In British Columbia, third parties (for example grandparents) can get court ordered access to children. Section 35 of the Family Relations Act provides that grandparents of a child may apply to the court to exercise custody over a child or have access to a child.


Grandma Goodlife      

If I am elected I will do all that I can to change Grandparent Visitation Rights in Florida. In the meantime, I will publicly support Grandparent Visitation Rights in Florida. Said No Florida Senator Ever!

An election year is an opportunity to Use Our Power – I encourage Grandparents throughout Florida and all other States to reach out in the coming months to those who hope to be elected or reelected.

It’s very simple to reach out via email, phone, Facebook; Twitter etc. Most have social media links on their websites. Ask what their position is on Grandparents’ Rights. Perhaps share why you believe it’s important for grandparents to have contact with grandchildren and why grandparents must be able to petition the courts on a case by case basis.

AGA has good information and literature available.  Reach out to AGA Headquarters for the letter to legislators     Website:
Know what Grandparent Rights are in Florida (other states listed below).
As it stands now in Florida:
The 2015 bill authorizes a grandparent of a minor child to petition the court for visitation with a grandchild “only” if the following conditions are met:
Parents are deceased, missing, or in a permanent vegetative state. If “only one parent” is deceased, missing, or in a persistent vegetative state, the “other parent” must have been convicted of a felony or violent offense showing a substantial threat of harm to the child.

Florida’s Children Need Grandparents and Other Positive Adults in their lives.
*** I’ve included a few resources but you can easily search Google for more information.
Directory of Florida Elections – Names & Contact Info
State Legislators Email

*** Find your district and with “minimal effort” you will be able to find contact info for candidates now that you have their names.

Florida State Senate Primary Candidates (scroll down to candidates),_2018
20 seats out of the chamber’s 40 seats are up for election in 2018. Closed Primary is August 28, 2018 – the General election is November 6, 2018.

Florida House of Representatives
All 120 seats in the Florida House of Representatives are up for election in 2018.
Good Directory for other candidates:
In the 2018 elections, 20 representatives are ineligible to run because of term limits. Democratic: (3)  Janet CruzLori BermanCynthia Stafford
Republicans (17): Elizabeth PorterJason BrodeurLarry MetzRichard CorcoranTom GoodsonBen AlbrittonLarry AhernJim BoydMatt CaldwellGayle HarrellBill HagerGeorge MoraitisCarlos TrujilloMichael BilecaJose Felix DiazJeanette NuñezClay Ingram

Florida Governor
Florida gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial candidates

Grandparents can change Grandparent Rights in Florida. Working together we can relentlessly pursue our objective; Grandparent Rights in Florida. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen if we work together and never give up!

FLORIDA is a U.S. state with 2 senators in the United States Senate and 27 representatives in the United States House of Representatives. Find your district and with “minimal effort” you will be able to find contact info for candidates now that you have their names.

The 2018 United States House of Representatives elections will be November 6, 2018. Elections will be held to elect representatives from all 435 congressional districts across each of the 50 U.S. states.

* List of United States Representatives from Florida

Each State elects 2 senators; they represent the entire state. Florida senator up for reelection in 2018 is Bill Nelson:
List of United States Senate Candidates from Florida – find contact info here:


PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT’S GOING ON IN YOUR STATE – Grandma Good Life focuses on Grandparent Rights in Florida.
Grandparent Visitation Rights State by State:

We Have 2 Missions: Reach out to candidates 2018 Election + Educate the Public

Most grandparents have no idea that they have minimal or no rights should they ever lose contact with their grandchildren. Most won’t believe that it could happen to them. Having favorable grandparent rights in place protects all grandparents. AWARENESS is the Key

WE must educate the general public, especially grandparents and those who interact with children such as schools, medical professionals, clergy, etc.

Thank you for your dedicated efforts,
LE Zellers aka Grandma Good
**** CONTINUE TO SIGN & SHARE Grandparent Visitation Rights; it serves two purposes.
Too Many Florida Children in Crisis


Amanda  AGA, Inc. President/Founder
Alienated Grandparent Anonymous

International Headquarters  Naples, FL
50 states    21 countries      Email:
166 Success Stories   Knowledge is Power
115 Support Groups
PO Box 3118    Naples, FL 34106

Facebook: AGA, Inc. Alienated Grandparents Anonymous, Inc. National Headquarters-FL

Grandparents must be the voice of our Grandchildren

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